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The Masterline 5000A-2 & 6000A-2 electric booster pump is used for compressing air, helium, nitrogen, or any other non-corrosive / non-explosive gas.  It allows users to fill cylinders up to 4,500 psi from a low pressure supply cylinder for the 5,000A-2, and 6,000 psi for the 6000A-2.  Due to it's innovative seal design and cooling method, Masterline boosters fill cylinders near ambient temperature.  Our boosters also operate at a very low 77 dBa noise level.  An optional vacuum pump is available as well as several other customizable options.

Our standard "specialty" gas booster is widely used by the fire, dive, & other industries.  The ease and reliability of our gas boosters have become a mainstay in the gas boosting industry. With many years of proven service, this simple to operate system has been an intrical part of fill operations for many industries.
Our 6000A-2 is designed to many of the same specifications as our 5000A-2. However, many critical components in the 6000A-2 have been replaced to handle the higher pressures required for charging cylinders up to 6,000 psi.  Used by many of the same industries as our 5000A-2, the 6000A-2 offers more options to these clients.
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